Paisley Cafe

The Paisley Cafe offers an amazing selection of farm to table items. They've adopted a 7 ingredient or less policy that allows for only the most natural of ingredients. No high fructose corn syrup needed - just fresh, good quality food. My sisters and I decided to go here for brunch and were not disappointed. We started off with iced coffees and mixed berry lemonades - so delicious. Then we ordered the apple brie panini, which is toasted with granny smith apples, brie and honey-tarragon mustard. The tomato bacon benedict was also a hit and consisted of bacon, tomatoes and poached eggs served on our personal fav, the sister schubert roll, and topped with hollandaise sauce. I ordered the grits and collards which was a bowl of smoked gouda grits (the best grits I've ever had to date), topped with collard greens, smoked sausage and zipper peas. On the side were two mini blueberry cornbread muffins and apple butter. So, so yummy.

grits and collards

mixed berry lemonade

apple brie panini

Paisley Cafe
1123 Thomasville Road | Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone: (850) 385-7268

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