Jojo's Biscuits with Pop's Strawberry Jam & Bobo's Classic Gravy

I made my first recipe from Magnolia Table! The biscuits were a hit. Did they look like the perfect circles in Joanna's cookbook? NO. But after wrestling with the dough and getting nowhere, I became very ok with my version of "circle". 

I'm sure my future self will look back on the sticky dough situation and laugh at what a novice we were. For now, I'm just glad they taste ok great so amazing I just ate five in a row. Yeah - sounds about right. 

Where do I begin? They're buttery, fluffy, golden brown and paired with that sausage gravy, I just about passed out from pure foodie bliss. 

Don't think I forgot about that delicious strawberry jam.  Full jam disclosure: I was about 2 cups short of sugar, I skipped the canning situation completely and I used frozen strawberries. Despite all of these things, I still loved the jam and I would refer to a friend. 

Signing off to eat my weight in biscuits. Thanks for reading!

Magnolia Table Cookbook

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