Kendall's Guide To Landshut

My boyfriend Mr. Shan and I started our Germany trip in Landshut. We were lucky because one of Mr. Shan's friends lives in Landshut and graciously took us on a tour of the downtown area and out to dinner. We went to a cozy ale house called Augustiner an der St. Martinskirche. The food was amazing and the restaurant was filled with locals in their lederhosen enjoying a stein (or two) of beer. 

Landshut is full of fairy-tale style buildings, most of them hundreds of years old. We loved seeing St. Martin's Church, which is the second tallest brick structure in the world! Downtown has lots of cute shops that would be great to do a little souvenir shopping. Mr. Shan and I both agreed that walking through Landshut is like taking a trip through time to the 1200s. 

We were only in Landshut for a couple of hours but we both agreed that we could have stayed there at least a couple days! 

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