Kendall's Guide To Munich

La Bohème - this restaurant is not to be missed! My boyfriend Mr. Shan and I were fortunate because it was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel, The Steigenberger. We feasted like royalty our first morning in Munich. I mean look at my orange juice! The pancakes were the fluffiest I have ever eaten and the eggs benedict was out of this world. In Germany, we kept getting served food with those bright red berries pictured with the pancakes. I still don't know what they're called but I loved them. If anyone knows, let me know in the comments!

Cafe Ruffini - a local spot that serves amazing cakes! Mr. Shan and I were starving so we also ordered their pasta which was just what we needed after a day of walking around in the cold. We both kept saying how much this cafe's cooking reminded us of our moms' cooking back home. 

Hoiz Weinbistro - we decided to eat here after reading the rave review on one of my favorite blogs, What's Gaby Cooking! It was an amazing food experience to say the least... We ordered the caesar salad (with mustard seeds!) and calamari (melt in your mouth) to share and then Mr. Shan had filet of ox while I devoured short ribs. Of course we had to get dessert too - a chocolate tart that ruined me for all other chocolate tarts. Bold statement - I know! 


English Garden - Mr. Shan and I walked the garden but it would be fun to bike it too! It is enormous and on a cool, sunny day, (like the one we had) you could easily spend all your time here. Inside the garden, there are beer houses and snack stands to keep the hanger away. Can we talk about the swan?! I don't think I had ever seen a swan up close like I did here. I loved that they were everywhere in the garden and so beautiful! 

Viktualienmarkt - anyone who knows me knows I love a good farmer's market! This one did not disappoint. I wish you could bring food back into the States because I would have bought all the fruits and vegetables! Actually, funny story, I did end up buying some little tomatoes because they just looked so good and then we had to carry them around Munich for the rest of the day! Mr. Shan said I should write a kids book about it 😂

St. Peter's Church - this church is stunning! Pictures just don't do it justice. When we stopped by it was mostly empty so we sat in the pews for a few minutes just holding hands and saying prayers for our family back home.  

Deutsches Museum - everyone in our circle of friends & family that had been to Munich said this museum was not to be missed! Mr. Shan and I enjoyed touring all of the different exhibits, especially the ones about boats (one of Mr. Shan's hobbies is racing sailboats). Pro-tip: we started at the top of the museum and worked our way down. It was a lot less crowded this way and we got to start our tour with a gorgeous view of Munich. 

Nymphenburg Palace - if you didn't visit at least one castle, did you really go to Germany? This is not the castle Sleeping Beauty's was modeled after but I think we can all agree, it's pretty spectacular! Nymphenburg Palace was apparently the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria. If this were my home, I think I'd stay year round...😉

Oktoberfest - if you you want to get into any of the tents besides Old Town MAKE A RESERVATION. I cannot stress this enough. Mr. Shan and I tried to get in without one and were turned away every single time. Apparently, people make reservations months in advance. We ended up liking Old Town though and if we went back, we'd go straight there. 

Steigenberger Hotel - Mr. Shan and I LOVED this hotel. It was close to one of our favorite restaurants, La Bohème, and the metro! The rooms were amazing too. It was so comfortable we both slept until noon everyday 🙈 

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  1. Lovely photographs and very helpful tips! Germany is definitely on my travel bucket list. I'm glad you had such a great time!