This & That: August 9, 2019

We moved! We're renting a beautiful new house only a couple streets away from the one we were renting before. This house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, plenty of kitchen space and a pool! I've loved coming home after work to swim laps and sometimes even our chocolate lab Maggie jumps in!

Image via Lexi's Clean Kitchen
My Dad is a diabetic and was recently hospitalized for sepsis due to an infection in his toe. He's on the mend now (thank God!) but has needed some diabetic friendly meals while he heals. I found a couple recipes that are delicious whether you're a diabetic or not!

My boyfriend Shan and I started a book club! It was actually his idea because he knows how much I love to read and thought we could do it together. We even had shirts made for it from a vendor we found on Etsy! Can you tell I'm excited? For the month of August, we decided to read The Art of Racing in the Rain. I loved it so much I finished in a couple of days and then proceeded to choose our books for the rest of the year...­čść

^ Layton in 3rd grade - so cute!
My youngest sister Layton starts high school this year! Where does the time go?! When I started high school and she was only 4, I remember looking at her and thinking, I just can't picture this cutie grown up enough to go to high school. Fast forward to now and not only is she old enough to go, she's flourished into an amazing human being. I'm so proud!

And last but not least, Little Women is coming to theaters this Christmas! I'm excited to see it - looks like a pretty good cast!

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  1. Well done♥️��

  2. Love Mama by the pool. Great pic. Love, Mimi

  3. Nice blog! The recipes are fab and I really like the couples book club idea— encouraging couples to read a book together. Great for bonding — I think Andy and I will do that too!

    1. You guys absolutely should! It’s been so much fun!

  4. Love Love Love❤️