This & That: August 20, 2019

Layton's first day of high school! Isn't she the cutest?! 

Image via Grilled Cheese Social
My Mom recently found the blog Grilled Cheese Social on Instagram and has been trying a couple of the recipes. We especially love the Baked Feta and Tomato Pasta (I've made it once and she's made it at least half a dozen times) but trust me when I say, the Thai Noodle Salad is a very close runner up. It's always fun to find new recipes to get you out of the what do I make for dinner?! rut. 

My boyfriend Shan and I had date night at The Funky Biscuit Wednesday night! Boca Raton is about halfway between Miami (where he lives) and West Palm Beach so we frequently meet there for weekday dates. We had such a fun time jamming out to the music and eating delicious southern comfort food.   

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  1. Love this & that❣️ Thanks for doing the legwork and taste testing. xxoo