A Very Fall Party

Trick or treat yourself & your friends to some fall fun! Before you say "Kendall that looks way too complicated...who has the time?!" I'll let you in on a little secret: I only made one thing - the rest of the food is store bought! This will be the easiest party of your life and I'll walk you through how to do it!

The Drinks
I kept is super simple with only two drink options: moscow mules filled with this cocktail recipe and bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider. The cocktail was the only recipe I made for this party and it couldn't have been easier!

The Food
Ah the star of the show - the food! I served caramel apples (Aldi), chocolate covered pretzels with fall colored sprinkles (another Aldi purchase but don't worry if you can only find plain chocolate covered pretzels - just buy fall colored sprinkles to add them yourself) and a cheeseboard (keep reading to find out the details on that!)

The Cheeseboard
I felt like this masterpiece needed its own section! For the cheeseboard, I used a blackberry covered goat cheese (very spooky looking), gruyere cheese, pimento cheese (to make the "pumpkins", just use a cookie scoop to shape them and add a pretzel to the top as the stem), dried cherries, dried apricots, blackberries, blackberry jam, assorted crackers & mixed nuts. Took a couple minutes to assemble and a couple seconds to devour! 😉

The Flowers
Whole Foods is my go to for flowers. They have the prettiest bouquets that you can use as is or add on to like I did! One of my favorite things to do for a party is arrange the flowers. They add such a statement (and smell pretty good too!) 

The Decorations
My boyfriend Mr. Shan and I hosted Thanksgiving last year so I had quite a few decorations leftover from that. I got a lot of them at Target like the gold lanterns, pine cone/acorn filler, tea light candle holders, pumpkins plates, and tablecloth. I recommend mixing and matching what you have! You can never go wrong with wood serveware and gold/copper toned decorations. 


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