Porch Refresh For Fall

Fall was practically made for front porch decorating! Go all out with pumpkins & bales of hay or keep it simple with a pretty wreath - there's no wrong way to decorate! 

Pumpkins & Hay Bales
This year, I got all of my orange pumpkins at Aldi for only $2.99 each - a steal in my opinion. I also got the bales of hay there for $6.99 I believe...I like adding hay bales for the height factor. We don't have steps leading up to our front porch so they're handy in adding dimension. 

The mums came from Home Depot! They had all kinds of different colors and sizes but I liked the cheaper chickens for only $4.98. They add such a pop of color and who doesn't like flowers?! 

Thankful Door Mat
Another Aldi find my Mom picked up! We have a pretty wide front porch and this mat covered a decent portion of it. What a great reminder as you're walking in your house to stop and be thankful for all of your blessings. 

I hope my front porch inspired you this season! I would absolutely love it if you sent me photos of your outdoor decorations! 🍂


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  1. Beautiful photography in this blog and the "Fall Movie Night" blog -- rich, inviting and homey. The models are beautiful too!